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Mumtaz & Associates is a Top law
firm of Pakistan, having
one of the best Lawyers in Pakistan,
Best solicitor and attorney in
Pakistan. Our law firm and its lawyers, 
attorneys have excelled in the field law hence we are ranked among the top Law Firms of Karachi, Pakistan.
Our aim is to surpass in chosen specialist areas by providing an unequalled legal service. We provide solutions to problems that are communicated clearly, with appropriate speed, and in a cost-effective manner.
We have the expertise and necessary resources in furnishing online legal help and legal documents or forms with an added support for our clients for initial free legal consultation. Our Clients can easily track their case progress with our easy case track system.
We have the experience, the range of contacts and the specialist disciplines to help clients, large or small, individual or corporate and we cut through extraneous matter and make the right decisions.

Our law firm offers legal help in family law matters, ranging from divorce to Khula, child custody to child maintenance. Our attorney also offer initial free legal consultation, so as to answer any legal questions pertaining to family law, for free legal questions please visit free consultation page or visit our contact us

Business Start-up services of Mumtaz and Associates will help you in those essential early stages of business, giving you advice to assist you to form a business built for success and able to plan and grow effectively without avoidable legal obstacles and litigation. We will assist you to make the right decisions at the right time.

  1. Sole Proprietorship
  2. Company Registration.
  3. Partnership Registration.
  4. Agency

Mumtaz & Associates offers immigration and nationality services for our valued clients. Our Immigration Lawyers and Consultants can be engaged for us online as well as by visiting our head.  We have the necessary expertise, knowledge and experience as Immigration Lawyers & Consultant to scrutinize your credentials so as to ensure that your application is most certainly accepted

Mumtaz & Associates family Lawyers & Attorneys are ranked among one of the best in Karachi, Pakistan and we are regularly consulted on variety of Family Law matters including advise and preparation of Divorce Deeds. As per Muslim Personal Law, in Pakistan, a Husband can Divorce his lawfully wedded wife by  executing a Divorce Deed which can be prepared wherein Triple Divorce is pronounced before witness. However, wife can only seek Khula from her husband if her right of Divorce was deleted or not authorised in her marriage contract, known as Nikkanama.

At Mumtaz & Associates, we believe in accuracy of advice. The Client's interests are paramount for our associates and each client is regularly consulted and updated at every stage of the legal process. Our associates focus on providing a fast, efficient and responsive legal service without losing sight of the quality of advice they need to give. The importance of high quality standard is never under-estimated and we are strongly committed to adding value through a unique partnership with our clients...


Mumtaz & Associates Lawyers, Advocates, Attorneys, Immigration Consultants and Solicitors can be engaged in for the following services.

  • LEGAL REPRESENTATION: You can engage our lawyers and attorneys for legal representation in court, tribunal or for ADR proceedings.
  • LEGAL ADVICE: To get an opinion or research for a legal query you can use this service. Your legal opinion will be prepared within a period of 2-3 working days. Please note that free legal consultation will not create any client and counsel relationship
  • DEEDS, DRAFTS, LEGAL NOTICES & AGREEMENT: Our Corporate Department will be able to assist you in drafting deeds and agreements pertaining to your needs. We are further able to help you with the registration of documents formalities.
  • LEGAL RETAINER: You can engage our Law Firm on a yearly retainer so that you have legal help.  We shall endeavour to ensure that our most suitable Partner, supported by one associate is dedicated for you during the entire year.

Our team of lawyers in Pakistan are qualified from U.K and were called to the Bar of England & Wales, UK. We can assure our clients that their legal matters shall be handled by one of the best Lawyers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. We are proud to announce that our lawyers and attorneys are always ready and willing to take the extra step to meet our client’s expectations and hence we are considered by our existing clients as one of the best lawyers in Karachi, Pakistan.

Our team of Lawyer in Karachi & Lahore, attorneys and advocates are regularly engaged for setting up a company in Pakistan. We seek to ensure that the concerned lawyer or attorney assigned to your case will complete the task at hand on priority basis.  Our Online lawyer and online legal help can also be availed for forming a company in Pakistan. 

Our Law Firm in Karachi & Lahore always encourage others to seek professional legal consultation prior to executing your intentions and endeavouring to achieve your destined goals. This Free Legal Consultation is being offered without any obligation on the part of both parties and this will not render a Attorney & Client relationship. Our team of lawyers, attorneys, barristers & solicitors shall ensure that online consultation is fruitful for our clients.  Mumtaz & Associates is a full service law firm of Pakistan and is considered to be among the top law firms of Karachi, Pakistan. Upon receipt of Free Legal Consultation form, our lawyers will evaluate the information provided by our clients and shall respond within two working days.

Divorce is a painful experience and we fully understand our client’s anxiety and need to thoroughly appreciate the circumstances and grounds for such decisions. As per Muslim Personal Law, in Pakistan, a Husband can Divorce his lawfully wedded wife by a Deed of Divorce which can be prepared wherein Triple Divorce is pronounced before witness. However, wife can only seek Khula from her husband if her right of Divorce was deleted or not authorised in her marriage contract, known as Nikkanama.

Intellectual Property Law
Trademark | Copyright | Patent |
Mumtaz & Associates is one of the best law firm in Pakistan recognized for filing and prosecution of patent, trademark and design applications in Pakistan . Our client have also engaged us from time to time for Registration of Trade Marks, Copy Rights, Patents & Designs and legal services related to intellectually property disputes. Our Intellectual property attorneys and lawyers respond to legal queries efficiently and effectively. Our law firm’s reported cases reflect upon our success in Trade Mark and Copy Right cases under Pakistani Law

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