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Pakistan is a member of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks under the Nice Agreement (classes 1-34) and service mark classification (classes 35- 45) is applied in Pakistan.  

Pakistan is currently following both the Trademarks Act of 1940 in respect of cases filed prior to April 12, 2004, as well as the new Trademarks Ordinance of 2001 that was promulgated on April 12, 2004. In the said Ordinance, provisions for the registration of service marks, convention applications, priority rights and domain names have been included.

A trademark application filed in Pakistan is examined to determine its registrability. When a trademark is accepted by the Registrar, it is published in the Trademarks Journal. Any interested party may file a notice of opposition to the registration of a trademark within 2 months from the date of publication or within the period set by the Registrar, not exceeding 2 months in aggregate.

The initial registration of the trademark is valid for a period of 7 years in respect of applications filed prior to April 12, 2004, renewable for a period of 15 years from the date of the expiration of the original registration, or from the last renewal of registration, as the case may be. The initial registration of a trademark filed after April 12, 2004 is valid for 10 years and renewable for a period of 10 years. 

The fees for renewing a trademark registration can be paid at any time during the last 6 months prior to the expiration of the latest registration. However, upon payment of an additional fee, a late renewal is possible during a grace period of 4 months starting from the date of publication of the registration in the Trademarks Journal under the heading "Unpaid Renewal Fee."

The assignment of a registered trademark with or without the goodwill of the business, change of name and/or address, registered user agreement and licenses of registered marks, are possible. The introduction of amendments to the registered mark without substantially affecting the identity of the mark or the boundaries of the list of goods covered by the registration of a trademark is also possible and shall be recorded in the official register.

The use of a trademark is not mandatory for filing an application. However, for maintaining the registration in effect, evidence of use is required to be filed at the time of second renewal. However, a concerned party may request the Registrar or the High Court to remove a trademark from the register, if it has not been used for 5 years and one month from the date of registration. 

Illegal use of the word "Registered" on an unregistered trademark, use of counterfeited trademark, illegal use of a registered trademark by an unauthorized person, dealing in goods bearing counterfeited trademark are offences punishable under the law in Pakistan. Infringement proceedings may be filed in the District Court as well as in the High Court.


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